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If you flashed your phone (ROM/Kies/Kernel/Modem) and find yourself  bricked trust us with JTAG to bring your device back to life!

JTAG has been around for a while in the electronics world, in layman terms you hardwire access a re-writable chip in a device to modify/erase and rewrite it’s code.

A wrong or interrupted firmware flash to your phone in most cases results in a hard bricked phone, which is a phone that shows no signs of power-on and will not access download mode with button combo or jig .

When a phone is in a hard-bricked state it’s most likely that the bootloaders, which is the phones initial code to launch the phones ROM, becomes corrupted.
The only way to revive the phone is to rewrite the bootloader code, because the phone does not power on trying to flash the bootloaders through the MicroUSB (like you would if the phone worked) is out of the question.

So how do we do it? simple…. very carefully!

We disassemble the device, find the corresponding JPADS on the phones motherboard (necessary to repair the bootloader code) and connect the wires from our Jtag box .
If all is well and the Emmc chip and other hardware is ok, our hardware/software solution will be able to rewrite the code which will bring the phone back to life and give us access to Download mode.
From a download mode state it’s easy to flash a ROM back on the phone using ODIN, Heimdall or any other tool of your choice .

If you think you can do it yourself think carefully…
Jtagging is not for everyone…unless you have experience in micro-soldering, patience and a nice budget to buy all the required equipment and tools, our service is much more affordable and trouble-free.

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JTAG Unbrick Service| Boot Repair | DeadBoot | Boot Repair

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